Soil Stabilisation

Soil stabilisation is the addition of binding agents to soil to improve the quality and condition of the soil.

Road & Track Repair

Using the Meri crusher we are able to remove potholes without having to add any extra material as it lifts and recycles the existing stone, leaving it all at the same consistency

Machinery Hire

We have a large selection of machinery for hire, available for long or short term periods, with or with out operators.


We have recently been called in to do some gardening with the meri crusher and a 200hp tractor. After building work and improvements had been made ...
We have been called in to mulch up Christmas tree roots for a farmer who sells pick your own Christmas trees. He had initially tried to dig ...
During the bad weather last December we were involved in keeping accesses clear for local communities clear by using our grader, which is normally used for grading ...
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